David Gilmour Rarely Speaks Even With His Wife, Steve McElroy Says

According to The Australian Pink Floyd founder Steve McElroy, David Gilmour doesn’t communicate much with his wife, Polly Samson.

The musician recently sat down with Total Guitar for an interview and said:

“It’s funny, David’s wife Polly Samson has said he’s a man of few words at home and tends to speak through his guitar instead. He gets his emotions out through his Strat. Luckily for us, he got a lot of it down on tape and we get to enjoy it!”

McElroy formed his Pink Floyd tribute project in 1988 in South Australia. Steve’s guitar setup looks a lot like Gilmour’s setup. McElroy also said during the interview that Gilmour and Fender Stratocasters go hand in hand.

McElroy Is Familiar With All Of Gilmour’s Guitars

Gilmour mostly plays Strats because he’s a big fan of Hank Marvin. Even though he’s used other guitars like Telecasters and Les Pauls occasionally, the Stratocaster is his favorite. When he joined Pink Floyd, he was expected to play similar guitars to Syd Barrett, but he stuck with the Strat because that’s what he loved. Then Steve added:

“A big factor was the tremolo arm – the way he uses it is so unique and precise. That guitar clearly gave him the power to unlock the voice he had inside and that sound he wanted to get out. The instrument became an extension of his body.”

The rocker really loves Pink Floyd and cares a lot about making sure their music sounds just right. Steve noted earlier:

“Pink Floyd created their own universe of sound, no other band has ever sounded the same. It’s so important to capture not just the sound but also the feel and the emotion of their amazing music.”

The Australian Pink Floyd will play shows in the United States at the end of May. They will continue their world tour in different cities of the States and Canada throughout the summer.