Pearl Jam Guitarist Says He Could Compete With Yngwie Malmsteen

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard believes he can compete with Yngwie Malmsteen.

In a new interview with KLOS, the rocker named his favorite metal albums that changed his life. He also shared his experience of playing guitar in different genres and said he can compete with the guitar virtuoso in a different approach. He explained:

“If you couldn’t compete with Yngwie, you needed to be gifted, and punk rock allowed me to be gifted in a different way, which was, like, can you just hit a couple of notes that sound good?”

What Records Gossard Loved As A Kid?

In the same interview, he was asked about his favorite rock and metal records he listened to when he was a kid. He named different bands from different genres. The guitarist said:

“Mercyful Fate, ‘The Oath’, ‘Melissa’. Iron Maiden — the first two or three Iron Maiden records freaked me out. Alice Cooper. And then, yeah, going back and then finding Alice Cooper and T. Rex and the ’70s glam. And then Sex Pistols. How good does ‘The Sex Pistols’ record sound right now? And there’s nothing to it. It’s just four points of view just f*cking jammed in there.”

You can watch the interview below.