Sully Erna Shares The Song He Wrote For Lady Gaga

In a recent chat with AXS TV’s ‘Now Listen,’ Godsmack frontman Sully Erna revealed the one song he wrote for Lady Gaga.

During the interview, Erna talked about what inspired him to start The Scars Foundation, a non-profit organization. Apparently, it was Lady Gaga who inspired him to write the song about mental health, and it later triggered the birth of the organization:

“The whole thing started for me several years ago. I actually had a moment in my life where I was dating Lady Gaga for a minute. But it’s because of her that, really the song [‘Under Your Scars’] was formed. And that song became the nucleus of birthing The Scars Foundation non-profit organization that we’ve done.

How The Organization Was Founded

The Godsmack singer founded the organization back in 2019. The organization aims to offer support for those battling with mental health issues.

A month after it was founded, the rocker spoke to Samaritanmag about its origins and goals. As it appears, it wasn’t just the song ‘Under Your Scars’ that prompted him to do so, but also the suicides of his musician friends Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. He explained:

“I started looking at everything that funnels people into depression. I lost some important people in my life to suicide and started hearing about all these amazing artists we’re losing day after day. And then [the suicides of] Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington happened back to back. It was like, man, this is becoming an epidemic here.”

He also explained what he mainly chose to work on:

“I felt that was the best thing to focus on, instead of working with one category, like addiction or suicide prevention. We’ve partnered with multiple companies so we can bring awareness to all these categories, from depression to addiction to bullying, PTSD, suicide prevention.”

You can watch the interview below.