Ted Nugent Reacts To Accusations Of Him Being A Sex Offender

During a recent live stream on his official YouTube channel, rock veteran Ted Nugent reacted to a fan who accused him of being a sex offender. Apparently, this is just another lie that has been thrown at Nugent by those who want to cancel the musician due to their hate.

As some of you might know, Ted Nugent’s name was previously mentioned with allegations of child sexual abuse when a number of women accused the musician, including late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s wife Courtney Love who claimed that she performed oral sex on Nugent when she was only 12. As expected, Nugent denied these allegations numerous times and blamed them on Wikipedia’s fiction facts.

Although Nugent constantly stated he has never been with an underage girl, he once admitted he had a relationship with a 17-year-old Hawaiian girl named Pele Massa. During an appearance on the special episode of VH1’s Behind the Music, the rocker stated that Massa’s parents approved their relationship and that he adopted the 17-year-old since she would be in a better place with him rather than with a drunk or an addict.

Although there are sources and footage in which Ted Nugent admits being the legal guardian of the 17-year-old, the musician now insists that he did not adopt anybody and that the stories are all just a scam. Apparently, the rocker doesn’t think or know that the interview footage considering his relationship with Pele Massa is still out there since he recently stressed the fact that people are making these stories up.

During a recent live stream on his official YouTube channel, Ted Nugent once again opened up about the accusations when a fan posted a comment, blaming the rocker for being a sex offender. After seeing the comment, Nugent laughed and stated that he has never been a sex offender, dodged the draft, or dissed Native Americans.

According to the rocker, these allegations are made by cancel culture freaks who base their accusations on hate and lies. While expressing how ridiculous it is to think all those things, Ted Nugent actually laughed and stated all of the accusations are nothing but hysterical.

Ted Nugent’s explanation follows:

“‘Nugent was a sex offender’ by somebody with a bunch of vowels and voodoo signs as a name. No, I wasn’t a sex offender, I’ve never been a sex offender. I didn’t dodge the draft and I didn’t diss the Native Americans.

I’m not all those things that the cancel culture freaks, the LSD experimenters claim I was. So I shouldn’t have even acknowledged that dirtbag but they keep at it. They are just drunk on hate and lies. It’s just hysterical.”

You can watch the YouTube Livestream below.