Ted Nugent On Increasing Crime Rates, ‘I Expect You To Shoot All The Bad Guys’

Rock veteran Ted Nugent reflected on the rising crime rates in the United States during a new episode of Nightly Nuge. According to the musician, criminals shouldn’t be released because they always do what they have done after getting out of prison, which is why people should shoot whoever’s committing a crime.

Ted Nugent is one of the biggest supporters of gun ownership, as he has stated on numerous occasions. According to the musician, restricting gun laws and allowing gun-free zones in the United States leave people defenseless. In fact, Nugent encourages his fans to get a gun since being unarmed means being helpless, if you ask him. Furthermore, the rocker once said that there shouldn’t even be paperwork for gun ownership since bearing arms is every American’s God-given right.

During one of the new episodes of his new YouTube show named the Nightly Nuge, in which the musician speaks about more political concerns, Ted Nugent reflected on the concerning rates of crime in the United States. The rocker stated that if his dogs bite his grandchildren, he will shoot them in the head regardless of his love for them because once a dog bites somebody, they eventually bite again.

Nugent also discussed his views on law enforcement policies that enable criminals to get out of prison or receive a lower penalty. According to him, the person who gets out will inevitably commit the same crime, so letting them get out of jail is nonsense. Nugent repeated his dog example by saying that his dogs cannot bite twice because they would be dead with the first one.

To summarize his solution, Nugent stressed the importance of owning a gun that allows people to defend themselves in case of an emergency. For those who think they can’t just shoot people, Nugent believes quite the opposite. If somebody tries to rape a woman, that woman can quickly kill the guy so that he can never rape somebody else. Ted strongly supports murdering criminals because he is determined that they can never change.

Nugent’s solution to rising crime rates follows:

“I love my dogs, but if they bite my grandkids, I shoot them in the head. Shoot the dog in the head. He’s not going to bite anybody ever again. If he’s bit somebody, history shows that they will bite again. I have screamed from the mountaintop for probably 30 or 40 years that the vast majority of violent crime and the cultivated victimization in the United States of America is due to engineered recidivism. Now, what is engineered recidivism need? Let the guitar player help.

Engineering means that it’s intentionally created that the district attorneys, the judges, the courts, and the parole boards, I mean some guy will literary be a gateway driver for a drive-by shooting where children are killed, and as long as he testifies against the shooter, this guy gets to go out again. My dogs don’t bite a second time because they’re terminated.

A lot of people go, ‘Don’t expect us to just shoot all the bad guys.’ Well, actually I do. I expect you to shoot all the bad guys. The woman that’s about to be raped, I’d like her, before the rape is consummated, to fill the rapist full of lead because rapists are released over and over again, they rape over and over again. Burglars are released, and they burglarize again. Home invaders are released, they home invade again.”

You can watch the new episode of Nightly Nuge below.