Rachel Bolan Says Sebastian Bach Wasn’t The Main Character Of Skid Row’s Birth

In a new interview with the Radio Forrest podcast, Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan confirmed that the majority of the work on the album had been completed before their current singer, Sebastian Bach, joined the band. Responding to questions about rumors suggesting the album was nearly finished before Bach’s involvement, Bolan affirmed and made clear that Bach was not the main character of the band during their early years:

“Yeah, pretty much — all except for a couple things here and there, but I would say about 98 percent were written and done, for sure.”

Apparently, most of the steps were already done before the lead singer’s addition to the band since the bassist and the guitarist Dave Sabo, had already handled the most parts. Bolan continued by explaining:

“That’s the way it just worked out. Snake [Dave Sabo] and I, when we first met, we just started writing songs. We each had our own band, and we didn’t commit to a band. And we each did our own gigs and whatever, but we’d get together and write songs.”

He went on to explain the details of how the album came out and the birth of Skid Row:

“And then once we saw, like, ‘Wow. These songs are really cool. Let’s put something together and just start playing them for people.’ And that’s how Skid Row was born. It was kind of like a two- or three-step process. And so Snake and I just ended up the main songwriters. It’s not to say that we didn’t want anyone else’s contributions, ’cause that’s not the case.”

Bach Believes He Is The Most Recognizable Member

Formed in 1986, Bach’s entry into the band occurred just a year later. He stuck to the band during the releases of the self-titled 1989 album, the 1995 ‘Subhuman Beings on Tour,’ and the 1998 ’40 Seasons: The Best of Skid Row.’

Even though he joined the band later and left sooner than his fellow bandmates, the lead singer believes he is the most easily recognizable member of the classic Skid Row lineup. He recalled an instance where he was with Dee Snider, and to his surprise, Bach was the only one who got recognized:

“The elephant in the room here is, like, when [Dee] and me walk down the street, Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach, we are the human beings that other human beings hang out the car window and go, ‘Youth gone wild, motherf*cker!’ ‘We’re not gonna take it!’ There’s no other people… There’s no other guy… Not one guy in Skid Row walks down the street and can’t walk down the f*cking street.”

Seemingly, Bach comes across people and fans who are in shock whenever he is walking down the street, and is sure no one ever will have the same recognition:

“I can’t walk down the street without people going, ‘F*ck! What the f*ck!’ There’s no [other] guy in the band that will ever have that; they never will. The public decides. It’s like the show ‘American Idol.’ ‘We’re gonna pick an ‘American Idol.’ No, you’re not. America is gonna pick the f*cking idol. America is the people that decide who the band is. You know what I’m saying?!”

The One Thing Bolan Wants Before Retirement

Skid Row may have a thirty year old career, but they have never performed in one of the biggest arenas during their career, and that’s exactly what the bassist wants to do before the end of Skid Row. In an earlier interview, the rocker mentioned it as the one thing he wants to do before the band retires:

“One thing that we’ve never done and I would love to do before our career is over is play Madison Square Garden, because – believe it or not – we’ve never played there.”

You can see the interview below.