John Corabi Recalls The Harsh Reality He Faced After Vince Neil Rejoined Mötley Crüe

Former Mötley Crüe frontman John Corabi joined an interview with The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn to discuss the harsh truth he discovered following Vince Neil‘s return to Mötley Crüe.

Back in February 1992, John Corabi joined Mötley Crüe to replace Vince Neil when the band decided to part ways with the singer. At that time, Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee really believed in Corabi’s musicianship, but Crüe’s musical efforts throughout the singer’s tenure in the band didn’t receive the expected success.

When it became a fact that Corabi’s addition didn’t make any positive difference in the band, and their popularity gradually declined, Mötley Crüe’s label refused to provide funds for the band unless Vince Neil joined them back. It was a rather commercially unsuccessful time period for Crüe.

As a result, Corabi decided to leave the band which was followed by Vince Neil’s return. At the time of his departure, Mötley Crüe was working on an album that later turned out to be their ‘Generation Swine.’ After Neil rejoined, songs written during sessions with Corabi ended up being in the album with the singer credited on the liner notes for his co-writing.

During a recent interview by The Rock Experience with Mike Brunn, John Corabi recalled those times and expressed his feelings about Vince Neil’s return. He said that he learned a very hard and valuable lesson during his tenure in Crüe, which was no one even tried to contact him as soon as he left. The singer then described this as a ‘harsh reality.’

Moreover, Corabi recalled that everyone was inviting him to parties or celebrations, and the minute Vince Neil rejoined the band, people stopped calling him. He then stated that he realized what matters most is waking up one day and opening your eyes to a good and healthy day.

In the interview, John Corabi said about Vince Neil’s return the following:

“I learned a very hard, valuable lesson when I was in Mötley. Obviously, everybody knows what the [1994’s self-titled] record did or didn’t do. The tour was a nightmare. I was the new ingredient, and then I left. And the one thing that I learned was when I left the band, my phone stopped ringing. And it was a kind of harsh reality.

I was the guy that was invited to all the parties, the backstage things, ‘Let’s go in a limo,’ ‘Let’s do this,’ ‘Let’s go to the Playboy mansion,’ ‘Let’s do that,’ and then the minute they made the announcement that Vince Neil was back, if I wanted to have a message on my answering machine, I had to call myself.

And it’s weird. I just sat there and I went, you know what? It’s really just about waking up in the morning, the fact that you wake up and you open your eyes, it’s a good day; it’s a healthy day.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.