Ted Nugent Is Proud Of Violating Community Standards

Ted Nugent recently discussed violating community standards of Facebook while explaining why the social media platform banned him via his show, Camp Spiritfire.

The rocker’s Facebook videos had recently received bans for ‘spreading misinformation,’ but Nugent felt that violating community standards was the right way to go as he claimed the platform wasn’t capable of seeing basic ‘truth, logic, and common sense.’

So, the guitarist decided to list some of his ‘truths’ the social media giant found offensive, addressing:

“Facebook… I am so proud that I violated the community standards of Facebook because if you don’t violate the community standards of Facebook, you’re a bad guy. Because their community standards are for bad people. Truth, logic, and common sense violate the community standards of Facebook.

I had like 36 million Facebookers who listened to what I said, [starts imitating the Facebook officials] ‘Wow, he [Nugent] believes Michael Brown deserved to be shot in self-defense by the officer who he’s trying to steal the gun from. That’s misinformation.’

No, it’s not. It’s truth, logic, and common sense. Our government abandoned the heroes of Benghazi. That’s not misinformation; that’s real information. Hillary Clinton is a traitor. She should face a firing squad; that’s not misinformation. That’s truth, logic, and common sense.”

Clinton wasn’t the only politician Ted unleashed his fire on, however, as the guitarist continued:

“Barack Obama revived racism that’s not misinformation; that’s truth, logic, and common sense. My name is Ted Nugent. I’m a radical, I experiment self-government. Pretty extreme, huh? I believe in God, family, country, constitution, Bill of Rights, Tenth Commandment, Golden Rule, Declaration of Independence.

We’re gonna demand the arena, law, and order. God bless the law and order and heroes. I will be back here to bring truth, logic, and common sense flames coming out of my ass. Bring some marshmallows.”

Well, for anyone familiar with his outrages, these statements you’ve just read were just an average Nugent on a Thursday. However, Facebook wasn’t the only one Ted enjoyed slamming, as you can check out how he declared Dolly Parton ‘a servant of Satan’ and why he decided to cancel Kevin Bacon.