Ted Nugent Denies The Claims About Him Adopting A Underage Girl

Ted Nugent recently addressed the allegations that he dated and adopted an underage girl in one of his recent Facebook live streams. He bashed the media for making up stories about him that are far from accurate and aggressively stated that no one can debate him.

The American singer, guitarist, and activist was accused of being a pedophile when numerous women, including Courtney Love, came forward and opened up about their sexual interactions with the musician when they were still underage. In a 1998 interview, Nugent had confessed that he adopted the 17-year-old Pele Massa with the ‘blessing’ of her parents.

Nugent said that her parents agreed since he was better than ‘high school punks.’ Yet, 23 years after the interview, he started denying that he ever adopted someone, let alone an underage girl. He bashed the media for making up lies about him and stated that no one can argue with him as he ‘eats their faces.’

The rocker praised himself with pure confidence and said he loves himself for his attitude towards the media and the liberals. Even though the press portrayed Nugent as a pedophile after the interview he gave, it seems like Ted forgot about the words he uttered back in 1998.

Here is how he denied the media’s reportage about adopting an underage girl and other claims:

“‘Well, I knew you can claim Covid was a hoax.’ No, I didn’t. ‘Nugent dodged the draft.’ No, I didn’t. ‘Nugent adopted a nine year-old-girl.’ I never adopted anybody in my life. Don’t you see they are incapable of debating me because they see when they sit, they’re smartest wittiest people on me? I eat their face. It’s so beautiful. Even if I was a complete dirtbag, just the way I stomp the shit out of liberals who try to debate me, you have to love me for that. Don’t you just love me for that? I love me for that most of all.

No one is able to debate me without getting their ass handed to them. They know that, so they have to lie. And once in a while on my Facebook, ‘I know Ted Nugent is a draft, he’s a coward.’ False. ‘Nugent adopted a girl.’ I never adopted anybody in my life. ‘Nugent shit his pants.’ I haven’t shit my pants since I think I was potty trained by my first year. My mom said I would make little puppy noises when I had to take a dump, and I’d go on the toilet.”

Nugent streams live on Facebook quite often and interacts with his fans and followers. He usually urges people to stand up against the current United States government and gives them advice on how to handle injustices. However, his methods tend to involve violence as he strongly supports gun and hunter rights.