The Hollywood Star Phil Collins Was Too Embarrassed To Meet

We often think of celebrities as extroverted, confident individuals who are comfortable in any situation. They seem to have it all – fame, fortune, and the ability to charm anyone they meet. But as we all know, appearances can be deceiving. Phil Collins, a successful musician and actor, is a prime example of this. Despite his fame and success, there is one Hollywood star that Phil Collins was too embarrassed to meet.

We know, it’s hard to imagine someone as famous as Phil Collins being nervous about meeting a fellow celebrity. Yet, that’s exactly what happened when he hesitated to approach Meryl Streep at an event. Can you even imagine someone like Collins, who is used to singing in front of thousands of people, getting butterflies in his stomach just thinking about meeting Streep?

Speaking to David Scheff in an interview, Phil Collins revealed that he was too embarrassed to talk to Meryl Streep. Even though he was a huge fan of her work in the movie ‘Out Of Africa,’ he couldn’t gather the courage to approach her. But, finally, his wife gave him a push, and he went over to talk to her, and she was delighted.

Jack Nicholson showed up at a show in Los Angeles,” the musician said when asked about the celebrity names who were his fan. “And it was the same night as a Lakers game. Tom Selleck has come and paid scalpers S100 for tickets. When Audrey Hepburn came up and introduced herself to me at the Academy Awards, I was, like, speechless. And she asked me for my autograph for her son. Kathleen Turner came up and said she was a big fan. Michael Caine asked to be introduced to me.”

Collins continued, “Meryl Streep was sitting with Jessica Lange. I thought of going over and saying something about how fantastic she was in ‘Out of Africa,’ but I was too embarrassed. Finally, my wife told me, ‘Go on. She would probably love to know how you felt.’ Finally, I did, and she said, ‘Well, look who’s finally come up and said hello to me.’ I don’t mean to sound bragging when I say this because I don’t mean it like that. I’m just blown away that people I see on television, these movie stars, these people I admire, come to see me!”

It is not every day that you get a chance to meet an icon like Meryl Streep, and it’s even rarer for someone as accomplished as Phil Collins to nearly miss that opportunity. But, as we’ve seen, even the biggest stars are human and can get a bit nervous around other big names.

It’s a funny and relatable reminder that even the most famous and successful people can get a little starstruck sometimes. Next time you’re at a party with Meryl Streep, just remember Phil Collins’ story and gather your courage to say hello! Who knows, she might even ask for your autograph.