Ted Nugent Defends Donald Trump: ‘He Wanted To Make A Statement Just Like Martin Luther King Jr.’

Rock veteran Ted Nugent talked about the recent events that happened in the United States and showed his support to Donald Trump in his ‘Spirit Campfire’ show.

As you might recall, some of the die-hard Trump supporters marched to the caption of the United States last Wednesday and vandalized the building and assaulted the officers.

During and after the events, most of the important figures in the world accused Trump of inciting the people to attack at capitol and criticized him pretty harshly on social media.

However, Ted Nugent thinks that Trump doesn’t incite violence because he found nothing after reading his speech over and over again. In fact, Ted said that Trump wanted to make a statement just like Martin Luther King Jr. did in the past.

Here is what Ted Nugent wrote:

“Donald Trump did not incite violence. I read his speech over and over again. Zero inciting of any violent or criminal behavior. He wanted to make a statement, just like Martin Luther King Jr., that many, many — millions — of Americans would go to our house, the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

And make the unified statement that we believe in Donald Trump, we believe in the good deeds he has accomplished, and that we are fearful that the tsunami of evidence of a fraudulent, corrupt, manipulated voting orgy that you just can’t say there’s no evidence of fraud.

An election by a guy that never campaigned, that did not get more votes than Barack Obama; he did not get more votes than President Trump. The suitcases came out, and the people that were supposed to monitor the votes were thrown out of the room; there’s footage of it.”

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