Ted Nugent Claims His 36 Million Fans Were Knocked Down To 3 Million

Rock Veteran Ted Nugent accused Facebook of censoring his thoughts and preventing people from following his account and watching his videos in his recent live stream. Also, he reflected his gratefulness for his fans’ everlasting support and dedication throughout this time.

As you may recall, Ted Nugent supported Donald Trump’s presidential campaign with his controversial statements and claims about Democrats as a Republican party supporter. After Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, he continued to show his support and visited the White House with his wife, Shemane Nugent.

During his previous live streams on Facebook, Nugent targeted Democrats who criticized Trump’s policies about public health and immigrants. According to him, Nugent had approximately thirty-six million followers before Trump became the president. After that, Facebook knocked him down to three million followers due to his statements about Trump and African American people being killed by the police.

Nugent claimed that those people tried to attack the police, and that’s why they were killed. He stated that Facebook is deliberately preventing people from following him even though he is telling the truth. Also, he revealed that his videos have been viewed only by a couple of thousands of people, but they can reach millions thanks to his followers’ sharing.

Nugent targeted Facebook saying that:

“Donald Trump came along and I had between 18-36 million Facebookers. I would make a comment about Martin was a bad guy, and he was killed in self-defense. Michael Brown was a rotten tug who was killed in self-defense. An unarmed black child! No, he wasn’t. He was an attacking monster of a tug…

So, I make a comment about stuff like that, truth, logic, and common sense which all the evidence supported. I had between 18-36 million Facebookers after Trump got elected, they knocked me down to 3.7 million, and on this Campfires, they knocked them down sometimes just to two thousand. Luckily people catch up on it and spread the word for me. Thank you very much for that because you got to spread the word, the enemies trying to squash the word.”

So it seems that Nugent will continue to target Facebook as he also recently slammed its founder Mark Zuckerberg and his team because of censorship policies. He had defined the social media platform as ‘an anti-American boat’ and the Facebook team as ‘Nazi-like fact-checkers.’