Ted Nugent Calls The Kardashian Family ‘A Bunch Of Rotten People’

Ted Nugent recently spoke in the new episode of the Nightly Nuge and harshly criticized the Kardashians while defending Kanye West.

The veteran rocker made a name for himself with his statements through social media, and during the interviews he joined, almost to the point of leaving his musician identity behind. While these explanations sometimes included radical right political views such as supporting gun ownership and hunting, sometimes they also focused on conspiracy-like issues about big tech companies.

You may already know that Ted Nugent has a YouTube channel called the Nightly Nuge, which offers certain current events from Ted Nugent’s perspective. Every night, Nugent and his co-host Keith Mark talk about the major media’s take on a few significant issues from the day. He often uses this channel to express opinions on a spectrum ranging from gun ownership to the Kardashian family. For instance, he once criticized Caitlyn Jenner on this channel.

While speaking for the Nightly Nuge, he made a bold statement again, this time about the Kardashians. In the same speech, he also supported Kanye West. As you may recall, Kanye West was subject to many criticisms for his ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt. He did not stop there and made an antisemitic comment about Diddy, causing his social media accounts to be suspended.

Following his statements praising Kanye West’s musical intelligence, describing him as gifted, talented, and spiritual, he then slammed the Kardashian family. The criticism was directed at the ‘sexualization of children.’ According to him, Kanye just objected to the manipulation of his children, who live with his ex-wife, and the Kardashians were ‘a bunch of rotten, horrible people.’

Here are Ted Nugent’s statements about the Kardashians and Kanye West:

“So I’d like everybody, if they didn’t see the Tucker Carlson interview with Kanye West, with Ye West —I guess ‘Ye’ is short for Kanye— the guy, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen his chorus; he does a church choral with hundreds of the most gifted, talented, spiritual, soul music forces that I’ve ever seen —moving, moving, spiritual music. And Kanye West is behind all that. And he’s coming right out and condemning the sexualization of our children, especially at the hands of his ex-wife and the entire Kardashian realm. What a bunch of rotten, horrible people.”

You can check out the full interview below.