Ted Nugent Blames ‘Big Tech America Haters’ For Causing Him Lose Millions Of Followers

The rock veteran Ted Nugent recently joined a conversation with The Nightly Nuge and shared a claim about Big Tech companies and how they interfered with his Facebook account.

The American artist, who made a name for himself in the music world as the frontman of The Amboy Dukes, has played in different bands and embarked on various solo musical projects since then. However, Nugent is not only known for his musicianship. He is also an activist and has made a name for himself with the political debates he has been engaged in. He is known as a supporter of extreme-right views and a proponent of hunting, hunter rights, and gun ownership.

Controversy over freedom of speech, censorship, and Big Tech companies in the United States has increased more than ever. There are many debates, some of which are conspiracy theories, and famous names occasionally engage in these discussions. Ted Nugent, a strong supporter of the Republican Party, is also involved in these discussions from time to time. For instance, last year, he stated that Facebook had censored him.

In a recent interview with The Nightly Nuge, he made various claims on a similar subject. He stated that Facebook noticed the ‘irrefutably true’ statements he made via his account and reduced his followers from 25-36 million to 3.8 million overnight, then to just 15. Nugent, who considers the time he signed up for Facebook a ‘pivotal moment,’ has a lot of political content on his account, and it seems that he will continue to target different institutions/people related to censorship.

Ted Nugent blamed Big Tech companies for censorship:

“I’m telling you, this was a pivotal moment when I first started out on Facebook years ago. I don’t think they were really knowing enough about Ted Nugent yet. Because, you know that, during the late… I guess it was in the 2000s. You know that I had between 25 million and 36 million reach on Facebook, and then the Big Tech America haters finally figured out that I was a truth-logical-common sense guy.

So I went from 36 million to 3.8 million overnight, and now, even with 3.8 million [followers] on Facebook reduced to 15. Not 15 million, not 15 hundred, [just] 15. Sometimes I’ll make a statement that is irrefutably true and all […] couple dozen people.” 

Ted Nugent was on the road for ‘The Ted Nugent Detroit Muscle Tour’ this summer. Meanwhile, he has continued using his Facebook account as a medium for activist posts and, occasionally, concert news. He currently has 3.6 million followers on his account.