Mark Hoppus Says It Will Be Determined If He Lives Or Dies With A Test He’ll Take This Week

In the tweets he recently posted, Blink-182 singer Mark Hoppus gave an update on his cancer treatment and stated that he will take a test this week that will reveal whether he will live or die.

Mark Hoppus announced that he was diagnosed with cancer last month via an Instagram story. In the announcement he made, he told that he was already fighting against cancer for three months. Hoppus’ fellow musicians also showed support for his ongoing cancer battle upon hearing the news, including Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker.

Moreover, commenting on his recovery process during one of his Twitch streams, Hoppus told his fans that he feels much better after the chemoteraphy sessions. He has recently shared a photo of himself on his Instagram which reveals he lost all of his hair because of the cancer treatment.

According to the latest tweets by Hoppus, it appears that if he lives or dies will be determined after a test he will take this week. Mark stated that it is surreal that he will learn this by taking a test while thanking his followers for their positive thoughts and encouragement, saying it means a lot for him. Hoppus then said he is determined to beat cancer either through chemotherapy or through bone marrow transplants, showing that he is hopeful for the future.

Hoppus’ tweets read:

“Apologies if I’m oversharing but it’s so surreal to think that this week I’ll take a test that may very well determine if I live or die. Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts and encouragement. I read all your replies and it means the world to me. Thank you.

I’m going to beat this through chemotherapy or through bone marrow transplants, but either way I’m determined to kick cancer’s ass directly in the nuts. Love to you all. Let’s. Heckin. Go.”

You can see the two consecutive tweets shared by Hoppus below.