Ted Nugent Calls Sam Brinton A ‘Freak’

Ted Nugent doesn’t hesitate to make the headlines with his controversial remarks, and his harsh criticisms now have another target: Sam Brinton. During a recent episode of the Nightly Nuge, Nugent slammed Brinton and called him ‘a freak who thinks he’s a woman.’

Sam Brinton was recently charged with the felony theft of an airline passenger’s luggage and is due to appear in court on December 19. His possible charges are punishable by up to five years behind bars and a $10,000 fine. Apparently, Ted Nugent also heard the news. He revealed his opinions on the matter in the latest episode of Nightly Nuge.

“Just put this guy’s picture up,” Nugent told his co-host, Keith Mark, referring to Sam Brinton. “Put that freak that thinks he’s a woman, that man that thinks he’s a woman, and you tell me what has happened to our government, the United States of America, when Nancy Pelosi, who’s been a tyrannical, rotten scum for years, and her husband Paul’s playing Hide the Hammer with his boyfriend.”

He continued, “The Democrat Party is spiritually delirious. They are mentally, physically, and spiritually ill. I believe the entire Democrat Party supports this insanity. They don’t even call it pedophilia anymore; they call it ‘I’m attracted to younger people,’ and they literally put new names on these evil, horrible, perverted crimes! And right here in Waco, Texas, we got these fat men dressed up like drag queens in Spandex and pantyhose, literally crotched, twerking children. And companies like Tractor Supply and Walmart are supporting them.”

Ted Nugent then addressed his fans and followers, saying, “Stop and think about that, my friends; we have runaway perversion. I don’t even call it sexual; this is some evil perversion. The picture is worth a thousand words, and every word is toxic, evil, obscene, and vulgar.”

It’s a known fact that Republicans like Ted Nugent disapprove of same-sex relationships and LGBTQIA+ individuals. So, Ted Nugent’s remark about Sam Brinton didn’t come as a surprise for many. Apart from Brinton, Nugent also slammed Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, who is rumored to have a secret affair with a man named David DePape. There is no doubt that Nugent’s recent offensive remarks will raise some eyebrows.