Ted Nugent Admits Using The Wrong Strings On His Guitar In His First Four Shows


In his recent live stream on YouTube, Ted Nugent gave some details regarding his ongoing tour and revealed that he used the wrong guitar strings because of a crew member’s mistake.

Rock veteran Ted Nugent released his sixteenth and latest solo studio album, ‘Detroit Muscle,’ on April 29, 2022. The record features eleven tracks in total, ten written by Nugent. The album attracted attention due to the variety of its sound, carrying influences from hard rock, blues, and heavy metal. It was praised for its energetic rhythm and Nugent’s powerful vocals.

The Motor City Madman announced a while ago that he would support his new album with an extensive North American tour. His ‘Detroit Muscle’ 2022 tour kicked off on July 15 in Clearwater and is scheduled to finish on August 27 in Fredericksburg. During a conversation on his YouTube channel about a week ago, the rocker said he had struggled to find the right tone in the first few shows, yet he didn’t know why.

According to his latest statements, they finally solved the mystery behind Uncle Ted’s inability to create his classic sound in the first four gigs. The rocker explained that a new crew member had used the wrong strings on his guitar on his first four tour dates, so it prevented him from creating his sound. Nugent expressed that doing his bends are an essential part of his music, and the crew member’s wrong arrangement impacted his performance negatively.

Ted Nugent speaking on the problem he had during the first four shows:

“In the first five gigs… Tim is new, and somehow instead of having my GHS strings being 10, 12, 15, 24, 34, 44, it went 10-13. And it is just that little bit in all those bends. When I do those bends, they are such awesome bends, and it’s all over my music. When I do them, it is like a cat with his balls caught in a claw of a bear. Anyhow, he had the wrong strings on the first four shows. Instead of taking the effects out of my customs into my Fender twins, he had it in the line out, which means there was no EQ, no gain, no nothing.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.