Taylor Momsen Joins Chris Cornell’s Daughter Lily To Discuss Their Dual Experiences With Loss

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen talked about the mental health problems during a recent appearance on the show of Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily Cornell, Mind Wide Open.

In the conversation, Taylor mentioned that it’s so bizarre to speak with Lily because all of the struggles started with the loss of Chris and said that she doesn’t even know how to describe her feelings about losing such a great personality.

As you may already know, Chris Cornell had been struggling with mental issues, and he committed suicide at the age of 52 after their show in Detroit on May 18, 2017, and left his legacy in this world.

While Taylor was saying that she has lots of respect and love for both Chris and his band Soundgarden, she also revealed his feelings about being on the same stage with Chris by saying that it was such an honor for her.

Here is what Taylor Momsen said:

“It’s a little bizarre to speak to you, because it started with your father, losing him. We were opening for Soundgarden, which, to me, was the highest of highs. Respect is not the right word; I love your father, I love their music, I love Soundgarden so much, to my core that I still don’t know how to put it into words.

To be on that tour opening for them was just the most incredible honor and experience of my life. Obviously, it ended tragically.”

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