Why Roger Taylor Refused To Join Genesis

Genesis gradually started gaining commercial success after showing a tendency toward progressive rock with their second album, ‘Trespass.’ In the following years, they continued to develop themselves by reflecting a more aggressive sound with albums like ‘Nursery Cryme.’ The band had undergone several line-up changes, especially regarding its drummers, before making their distinctive style permanent and reaching worldwide fame.

Following the departure of co-founder and original drummer Chris Stewart, they continued with John Silver for a while. Later, John Mayhew joined the band and contributed to the ‘Trespass’ album. However, after he left the band, the remaining members started the search for a new drummer. While thinking about possible names, they considered making an offer to Roger Taylor. However, he would decline due to their difference in music tastes.

Roger Taylor Was Not A Fan Of Genesis’ Sound

In the early ’70s, Queen was preparing to establish its line-up and take its first step on the music scene. During this period, Roger Taylor applied to join the band after seeing Brian May’s advertisement and was accepted shortly afterward. In those early times of Queen, while Taylor was newly in the band, his path crossed with Genesis, who was searching for a new drummer.

In a past interview with Louder Sound in 2021, the Queen icon revealed that the band’s members invited him to their studio to listen to their songs, and then they went to a pub to spend time together. As Taylor mentioned, they did not directly ask him if he wanted to be a part of the band, but he could understand it from their behavior, and their drummer had just left.

The musician stated that the Genesis members were lovely, but he ‘didn’t really get their music.’ Their sound was a little too progressive for the drummer. Roger Taylor also added that he had received an offer from Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter simultaneously, which he found ‘wonderful.’ Taylor indicated their name could have been ‘Hunter Ronson Taylor,’ and which would have been excellent.

The Queen drummer said the following about Genesis’ offer:

“Well, they invited me to the studio to listen to them, then we went to the pub. They didn’t say: ‘Do you want to join the group?’ But I get the impression that’s what they wanted because their drummer had left. They’re all lovely people, but I didn’t really get the music, to be honest. It was a bit too prog for me. I had a wonderful offer from Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter, actually. It was going to be called Hunter Ronson Taylor. I think that would have been good.

Roger Taylor continued to be a part of gigs with Queen in the following years and debuted with the band’s self-titled album. On the other hand, Genesis ended its search for a drummer with the participation of Phil Collins, and the musician’s first record with the band was ‘Nursery Cryme.’