Sebastian Bach Uses Bon Jovi’s Marketing Mistake To Promote His Record

Bon Jovi is set to release the 40th-anniversary edition of their self-titled debut album, offering it in streaming formats, cassettes, and vinyl records, but notably excluding CDs. Well, this one small mistake led Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach to immediately promote his own record.

When the radio host Eddie Trunk tweeted about this mistake and even clarified the CD sales has increased the past year, the frontman took this as an opportunity and wrote:

“Dude I got you covered! Spent the last month driving myself & all around me cuckoo finalizing all artwork just last night. Approved the beloved CD packaging get ready buddy because a 24 page booklet is comin’ your way! This is the most proud I have ever been of any CD ever!”

What The Deluxe Edition Will Include

Bon Jovi marks the 40th anniversary of their debut album with the digital release of ‘Bon Jovi Deluxe Edition’ on all streaming platforms.

The deluxe edition includes the remastered original album and nine bonus tracks, featuring unreleased studio recordings and rare live cuts from the 1985 Tokyo shows. The band will also release a limited-edition ruby color vinyl LP on March 24 and a cassette on April 5. The vinyl includes an alternate cover design and exclusive lithograph, while the cassette features enhanced design with lyrics and the original band photo.

The original album, released on January 24, 1984, went double-platinum, featuring classics like ‘She Don’t Know Me’ and ‘Runaway,’ the latter amassing nearly half-a-billion streams.

The Earlier Feud Of Skid Row And Bon Jovi

The two bands were friends when everything started, but they eventually turned their backs to each other after a friendly moment followed by death threats.

Bon Jovi helped Skid Row to grow during their early years, but the popularity eventually surpassed Bon Jovi since they started to sell more t-shirts than them.

The rivalry between the two bands escalated at the start, with both pranking each other by dousing one with cold milk, and throwing two cartons of eggs to their crew and so. After the concert, 60 people, who turned out to be Bon Jovi’s crew, approached Bach and his team. Jon Bon Jovi led the charge along with his brother and father. In the midst of the feud, Bach received a death threat from Bon Jovi’s father.

In Bach’s words, Bon Jovi Senior pointed held the rocker against the wall and said ‘I’ll f*cking kill you.’

Fortunately, the fight ended after some screaming and threatening.

You can see the tweet below.