Sting Says He Was Blown Away By Lady Gaga

Sting recently talked about his time in Las Vegas and his opening show there in an interview with Las Vegas Sun. He revealed that he doesn’t only perform shows but also attends at other musicians’ concerts and he specifically stated how much he was impressed by Lady Gaga’s show.

Sting’s opening night was on October 29 in Colosseum, Ceasars Palace. The singer worked on new music during the pandemic, and he was excited to show his fans the new work. However, he was also aware that people would come to a show in Vegas to listen to the songs they’ve already known. Therefore, it was stressful for him to test the waters a little bit to determine if he should play new stuff.

Vegas’ audience is much more different than any other audience in the world. It has a reputation of making the most chill person a party animal in a couple of hours, and people usually go there to do whatever they want and not talk about it afterward. This is why an icon like Lady Gaga and her shows can be considered as one of the most suitable shows for Las Vegas.

Sting stated that he went to see her performance while he was in Vegas. Apparently, Lady Gaga achieved to impress the iconic musician since he described her stage performance as something that ‘blew him away.’ The ‘English Man in New York’ singer stated that he knew Lady Gaga for a really long time, but her show was another level. Sting also said that Lady Gaga is a successful singer who can do anything.

Here are Sting’s thoughts on Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas show:

“I’ve used my time here very well. I’ve seen a lot of shows. I saw Lionel Richie, and it was fantastic. I saw ‘Absinthe,’ which I adored. It’s very rude, very sexy and funny. Then I was blown away by Lada Gaga the other night, she really did it. That girl can do anything, and I’ve known her a long time, but this is another level.”

Sting and Lady Gaga haven’t only been friends, but they have also performed together on stage a couple of times before. In 2013, Gaga duetted The Police song ‘King of Pain’ with Sting on his 60th birthday. Their harmony grabbed attention and the show was loved by the fans.

You can watch their 2013 performance together below.