The Last Metallica Song Cliff Burton Played Live

Metallica released their third studio album entitled ‘Master of Puppets’ on March 3, 1986, and many music critics and metalheads described it as one of the best metal works in the genre. The songs’ lyrics and sounds and the band members’ extraordinary performances as songwriters and instrumentalists. The record hit the charts worldwide and became a Metallica classic in time, thanks to its uniqueness.

To promote their newly released album, the band started their Damage, Inc. Tour on March 27, 1986, in Valley Center and ended in Gothenburg on February 13, 1987. However, at the beginning of their concerts, none of the Metalica members knew that it was their last tour with their close friend and bassist Cliff Burton. The tour sadly became a shocking and painful experience for almost anyone involved in it.

Cliff Burton’s Tragic Passing

In Sweeden, Metallica members were ready for their bus trip to the next place to perform their concert, but there was a problem. The bunks were very uncomfortable and almost impossible to sleep or rest. Burton and Kirk Hammett decided to play cards to determine who would have the better seats without knowing that it was a life or death situation. The bassist won the game and took Hammett’s place, which would change his destiny.

Their tour bus skidded off the road, and Burton was thrown through the bus window. Unfortunately, the Metallica bassist passed away due to injuries caused by that accident on September 27, 1986. While the bus driver stated that the road was icy, James Hetfield blamed him for being drunk. Burton’s death devastated his family, friends, bandmates, and fans worldwide, and the bassist left them one last gift before leaving for good.

What Was The Song That Cliff Burton Played For The Last Time?

One day before his untimely and accidental death, Metallica performed in Stockholm on September 26, 1986, as part of their ongoing Damage, Inc. Tour. The last song that Burton played was ‘Fight Fire with Fire,’ which was initially shared in their ‘Ride the Lightning’ album. There’s no doubt that this track will always be a painful one to listen to for the longtime dedicated fans and Metalica members who still miss Burton.

Furthermore, the surviving Metallica members needed some time to heal and mourn after Burton’s early passing, and many of their friends and colleagues supported them throughout this challenging process. Then, they recruited Jason Newsted to replace the late bassist and went on their tour. Even though Hetfield, Hammett, and Lars Ulrich continued touring and making music, they never forgot to pay tribute to Burton.

You can listen to the song below.