Sting Explains The Advantages Of Singing In Spanish Rather Than English

During a recent conversation with Consequence, Sting explained that singing in Spanish is more advantageous than singing in English to evoke emotions in the listeners.

The former Police singer Sting is no stranger to singing in Spanish. He released an EP named ‘Nada Como el Sol’ and collaborated with Ricky Martin for his EP, ‘Pausa.’ His most recent Spanish work was released on February 11, 2022. The musician dropped a Spanish version of the song, ‘For Her Love,’ featured in his 2021 album, ‘The Bridge.’

Sting came up with the idea to translate ‘For Her Love’ into Spanish during a holiday with his manager in Baja. He wanted to produce something new and thought that this song could be a good match with Spanish as it includes some Latino elements. Sting recently collaborated with Latin star KURT for a new Spanish version of the song, released on April 8, 2022.

During the recent Zoom call with Consequence, he and KURT talked about the making process of the album. Sting also reflected on the advantages of singing in Spanish by emphasizing its emotional power. He thinks that Spanish is more successful at evoking emotions compared to English. He also feels the same while listening to Mexican singers. For him, working with KURT also enhanced the song’s authenticity and made it more intense.

Sting speaking on the advantages of singing in Spanish:

 “The Spanish lend itself to a more emotional interpretation than English does, I think. That’s what I was thinking about when I was singing it myself; when I hear the great Mexican singers, there is an emotional quotient to what they do that’s very powerful. Anglo-Saxons don’t do that so readily. I think the song has benefited from this interpretation, particularly with KURT’s involvement. It gives it an authenticity that it wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

You can listen to ‘Por Su Amor’ below.