Alex Van Halen Turns 68 Today: What We Know About Him After His Retirement


Former Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen celebrated his 68th birthday today, however, his fans have been curious to know what he has been doing lately since Alex has mostly been silent since the disbandment decision and the passing of his brother and iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

As many of you know, Alex Van Halen started his music journey as a guitarist at a very early age when his brother Eddie Van Halen was interested in playing the drums. However, the two brothers soon realized it should be the other way around when it comes to their talents with instruments.

The Van Halen brothers started from forming their first band when they were only in the fourth grade, named ‘The Broken Combs,’ and performing at lunchtime at Hamilton Elementary School in Pasadena, California, to forming one of the most legendary bands in music history, Van Halen.

The brothers formed Mammoth, later to be known as Van Halen back in 1972 and Alex Van Halen has been one of the two members in the band that remained the same with his brother. While Alex was the drummer of the band for 46 years, he could have been with Van Halen even longer if it weren’t for the passing of the legendary Eddie Van Halen on October 6, 2020, at the age of sixty-five after his long battle with cancer.

After the iconic guitarist passed away, Van Halen members decided to part their ways and disband with the absence of Eddie Van Halen. Since then fans have been curious to hear from Alex Van Halen since he lost his brother and the band he has been working with for decades all of a sudden.

Although the legendary drummer never opened up about his feelings after the tragic incident, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather stated that he was in touch with Alex when his brother passed away which was months ago and fans have been dying to hear from Alex Van Halen and finally received a message on his 68th birthday.

Recently, the Van Halen News Desk Twitter page shared a post revealing a statement by Alex Van Halen in which he opened up about his emotions on experiencing his birthday without his brother, Eddie Van Halen. The iconic drummer stated that being on stage is never going to feel the same without seeing Eddie in front of him.

Here is what Alex Van Halen said:

“’First birthday without you, Ed. The view from my drum set will never be the same. VH forever!’ – Alex Van Halen, May 8th, 2021″

You can see the Twitter post below.