The Album George Harrison Describes As Better Than Anything The Beatles Ever Did

The Beatles released thirteen studio albums despite their brief seven-year music career, and almost all of them are considered masterpieces. All the band members achieved incredible fame owing to their best-selling albums. Every album that the Beatles created has its own dedicated fanbase, making it challenging for the listeners to agree on the band’s best album. However, this is not surprising considering that even the band members have different favorite albums.

Each of the band’s albums has received countless reviews, and some split the critics and the fans into two categories. Although many people think that the Beatles produced unforgettable albums and regard them as one of the greatest bands of all time, apparently, George Harrison disagreed. In fact, he had a different favorite album, which he regarded superior to any Beatles record.

George Harrison Said That His Solo Album Is Better Than All The Beatles Records

George Harrison decided to continue with his solo career after the Beatles disbanded. He had already released two solo studio albums named ‘Wonderwall Music’ and ‘Electronic Sound’ before the bad’s break-up, and they mainly consisted of instrumental tracks. ‘Wonderwall Music’ became the soundtrack of the 1968 film ‘Wonderwall,’ while ‘Electronic Sound’ stood out with a more experimental style.

After the break-up, Harrison’s first solo work was his third studio album called ‘All Things Must Pass,’ released in 1970. He kept recording solo albums also in the later years, and his final and twelfth studio album, ‘Brainwashed,’ was released posthumously in 2002. It would be fair to say that Harrison proved himself also as a solo artist as his albums hit the top of the charts a few times. Of course, the Beatles were unique in their success, so it was almost impossible for Harrison to top it. As a Beatles member, the expectations from him were pretty high, but in general, he managed to satisfy the listeners.

On September 22, 1987, George Harrison gave an interview to  Entertainment Tonight and reflected on his career with the Beatles, but also his solo career. The interview took place just after the release of Harrison’s eleventh studio album, ‘Cloud Nine,’ so he didn’t forget to promote his new album during the conversation. George Harrison was asked about the Beatles’ long-lasting success and popularity. Harrison responded that they made a name as the Beatles, so the fans were ready to accept anything they produced regardless of its quality. He implied that people assume it should be good because the Beatles did it, but this isn’t always acccurate.

Harrison stated that the Beatles produced amazing albums but also created some ‘rubbish’ work, but the people mostly ignore those because they are concentrated solely on the name. Later on, George Harrison mentioned his upcoming album, which would be released soon, and expressed that his solo album is much better than any Beatles record they ever did. Of course, he said it half-jokingly, and he must have been proud of what they achieved with the Beatles. However, he still wanted to warn the listeners to be more objective without relying on any musicians’ previous popularity while listening to their new music.

George Harrison’s words on the album better than the Beatles records:

“A lot of people just get stuck on something, that’s a craze, and it takes all other bits that make that, but they don’t see it. If you put out a record and call it the Beatles, you would have all these people who’d rush out by regardless of it was a load of rubbish because of the name. It’s like Michael Jackson, they say ‘Let’s go and get it’ because it’s him, it’s them. I mean, the Beatles did some good things, but we also did some rubbish too. My new album is much better than anything the Beatles ever did.”

You can watch the full interview below.