Dee Snider Confirms He Made A Deal To Publish His First Fictional Novel ‘Frats’

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider revealed in his recent tweet that he made a deal with a publisher to publish his new book. He stated that the book is fictional and is called ‘Frats.’

Dee Snider ventured with Twisted Sister in 1988, but the rockstar found himself in various projects later on with them, as a solo artist and as a Broadway star. The singer’s vocals have carried him to many places, and even in 2022, he is not stopping creating music. In 2021, he released his solo album ‘Leave a Scar’ and indicated that he is in the show business to stay.

He had also become a writer, which is not unusual for songwriters as they know how to express themselves through words. He released his autobiography ‘Shut Up and Give Me the Mic’ in 2012 and a children’s book ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It: A Children’s Picture Book’ in 2020. Recently he announced to have been exploring other genres.

Snider stated on his Twitter account that he made a deal to publish his first fictional novel, ‘Frats.’ As a person who shares everything with his followers, Snider also didn’t refrain from telling them as soon as he got the deal. A fan replied to that tweet by hoping that it’s a spiritual book that is a sequel to ‘Animal House,’ but Snider said that the novel is a dark story and it is set in the 70s. Fans are excited to see Snider’s imagination on paper and can’t wait to hear more about the story.

Here is what Snider tweeted:

“Just made a deal to publish my first fictional novel, ‘Frats.’ More details to come as I know them…”

A fan replied:

“I really hope it’s a spiritual sequel to ‘Animal House.'”

He answered:

“Yeah…no. A very dark coming-of-age story set in the ’70s. Think ‘Stand By Me’ meets ‘The Wanderers.'”

You can see the tweets below.