Sting Admits He Had Doubts About His First Las Vegas Residency

Sting recently confessed that he had doubts performing in Las Vegas but having completed two performances, he stated that he doesn’t know how why he had those doubts in the first place.

Sting recently returned to the stage after the infamous pandemic halt. He kicked his Las Vegas residency off on October 29 and delighted his fans with his iconic songs along with his new works. The singer was nervous at first because, in his opinion, the people who came to the shows in Las Vegas had huge expectations.

His fans bought the tickets 18 months before the lifting of the restrictions, and therefore they deserved a perfect show. He had also previously stated that the Las Vegas crowd is unique because they wanted to hear his classics while Sting was planning to perform tracks from the new album he created during the pandemic, ‘The Bridge.’

However, everything went positively, and he finished two shows by spreading delight and joy to his crowd. He recently stated that after completing the shows, he received such positive feedback that his initial doubts finally started seeming meaningless. Sting has enjoyed his shows so far and cannot wait to perform the upcoming six shows in Colosseum, Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas.

Here is what he stated:

“We have two down and another six to go, and I have to say that the first two have been so enjoyable. I wondered why I ever had any doubts that I would enjoy it. But it’s been fantastic, so I’m looking forward to getting back on the horse tomorrow.”

After completing the two shows, Sting started feeling pleased with his performance. He already had several experiences with other artists who also had shows in Las Vegas. He encountered Lionel Richie and received fashion advice from him. He reunited with Lady Gaga and showed his admiration for her by stating that she blew his mind with her performance.