Sting Says He Ignored The Advice Lionel Richie Gave Him About His Live Performances

After his opening night in Las Vegas, Sting discussed his performance and stage experience after the two-year pandemic halt. He also saw Lionel Richie in the show and stated that he couldn’t follow his fashion advice because he was ‘busy.’

Sting performed in Colosseum, Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas on October 29 and presented the new work he created during the pandemic. He had previously stated that he was nervous at first about delivering his latest work to the fans because the Las Vegas crowd is different and would probably request his classic, more well-known songs instead of the new ones.

While in Las Vegas, Sting got the chance to see and watch other artists perform. Lady Gaga was there, and when he watched her, he was blown away. He also saw Lionel Richie and stated that his show was fantastic. When they spoke, Richie gave him some advice for his performance and said that he should change his frock after every number. However, the singer didn’t follow his advice because he is more concerned with playing the bass but, he took off his jacket at one point, which was the most he could do.

Here is how he stated that he didn’t follow Richie’s advice:

“Well, I had to check out the competition, you know, I’m not stupid. I saw Lionel, he was fantastic. I saw Gaga the other night, and she blew me away; what a talent.

Well, they said I should change my frock after every number. You know, I’m kind of busy up there, I’m playing the bass. I took my jacket off at one point; that was my only concession. Well, we’re working on the rhinestone thing, you know, maybe next time.”

He continued to jokingly state that they are working on a costume with rhinestones to dazzle the audience. The fashion advice Richie gave Sting was not followed this time, but it may come in handy during his upcoming four shows in the Colosseum, Ceasars Palace this week and next week.