Stewart Copeland Says He Wanted Taylor Hawkins To Show Him ‘Disrespect’

The Police drummer Stewart Copeland opened up about the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins during his latest interview with Jill Riley. Copeland gave specific details about Hawkins and their friendship and revealed why he wished Hawkins to show some disrespect to him.

Copeland and Hawkins met in 2005 when Foo Fighters invited the musician to perform as a part of some of their live concerts. Since then, they continued to play together for some special occasions, and the two drummers became close friends in time. Their relationship probably was more remarkable for Hawkins because Copeland was one of his favorite drummers and the first drum hero. Also, he started to play by listening to The Police records.

There’s no doubt that Copeland was devastated after Hawkins passed away on March 25, 2022. For him, it was so hard to lose a dear friend and such a talented drummer whom he inspired at the beginning of his career unexpectedly. In addition, in the recent interview, Copeland talked about Hawkins’ personality, saying that he was cheerful, effusive, and upbeat.

Copeland emphasized that the late musician was his biggest fan which surprised The Police drummer so much that he needed to say something to Hawkins. The Police icon unveiled that he reminded Hawkins that he was also a rock star, a famous and successful Foo Fighters member. Copeland stated that Hawkins could show a little disrespect, but he never did, probably because the drummer gained great fame when Hawkins was very young.

Copeland shared his thoughts, saying:

“He’s a very effusive, cheerful, upbeat. He has a very effervescent personality. He’s a fan, superfan. I was like, ‘You are a rock star, okay? show a little disrespect.’ But he’s in that strata in a bandwidth of people who were 16 when I was in my glory days.”

You can check out the interview below.