Stewart Copeland Describes Sting ‘Self-Deprecating’

Stewart Copeland opened up to Gold Radio UK about how he got Sting to join The Police and explained why the singer and bassist shouldn’t have the bad rep of being a ‘snob’ by saying:

“He is shy, and people sometimes make a mistake for arrogance or standoff. He’s not arrogant at all; in fact, quite self-deprecating.”

When Stewart called Sting to get him to join the band, he realized early on that the bassist was open to suggestions; he added:

“So I called him from London and said, ‘Yeah, I got this band.’ And the first thing I said was, ‘By the way, this is a conversation about you, not your band.’ And those fateful words were, keep talking right there. I knew that A, he was a free agent, and he was available and open to suggestions and keep talking. That’s what I had to do a lot of the next couple of years, keeping him in the band.”

Copeland shared that Sting was convinced to be a part of the band as soon as he realized that he could do it all; the drummer explained:

“Actually, what convinced [Sting] was the do-it-yourself thing. The story is that a journalist up in Newcastle when I was in Curved Air, took us to see the local hot band Last Exit, featuring a bass player who could sing and play bass and had a handsome-looking amp there. That’s useful.”

This interview wasn’t the only instance Stewart praised Sting for his efforts within The Police as he recently said to Glide Magazine that if Sting hadn’t started songwriting, the band would have ‘starved’ longer.

You can listen to Stewart Copeland’s interview with Gold Radio UK here.