When Pink Floyd Became The First Rock Band Whose Record Is Played In Space

There aren’t many rock bands who can say one of their albums made it to the space. Moreover, there’s only one band who can say one of their albums was the first one to be played out in space by Russian cosmonauts many years ago. That band is no other than Pink Floyd, and the album isn’t among their studio albums. Instead, it’s a live album that wasn’t even planned to be played in space.

Delicate Sound of Thunder‘ ended up being brought to a space mission when two of the band members attended the launch of the Soviet spacecraft. Let’s take a look at this one-of-a-kind moment together to see how Pink Floyd added another accomplishment to their music career of more than 30 years.

Pink Floyd Has The First Rock Album To Be Played In Space

Pink Floyd’s ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ is a live album that was recorded over five nights at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York, in August 1988 and released on 22 November 1988. While there are a number of reasons why the album is so special, the most outstanding aspect of it is related to space.

Following the release of the live album, David Gilmour and Nick Mason attended the launch of the Soviet spacecraft Soyuz TM-7 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on November 18. Cosmonauts Sergei Krikalyov and Alexander Volkov insisted on taking a cassette copy of the album and playing it as they completed their mission.

As a result, Russian cosmonauts took the Pink Floyd album with them onto the MIR space station which marked the first rock album that was ever played in space. Surprisingly, ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ is also the band’s only official Russian album release in their career which made the moment more special for the present band members.

Pink Floyd reissued their 1988 album on December 12, 2019, as a part of the box set The Later Years 1987–2019. The album was remixed and remastered with additional tracks that didn’t take part in the original release. A year before releasing the remixed version, Pink Floyd shared a post on their official Twitter page reminding their fans that they have the first rock album to be played in space.

You can see the tweet below.