Steven Tyler’s Daughter Mia Opens Up About Being A Survivor Of Abuse

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia shared a post on her Instagram which explained how abusers manipulate their victims. Following that, she shared another post to reveal that she is a survivor of abuse.

Although she is a successful model and actress, Mia Tyler couldn’t find happiness in her romantic relationships in the past. She married ex-Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner in 2002, but the pair got divorced after three years, in 2005. She was also engaged to Brian Harrah, but they broke up.

During her relationship with Dan Halen, Mia Tyler gave birth to her son Axton Joseph Tallarico on May 10, 2017. However, the couple broke up, and she had to raise Axton on her own. Due to raising her son as a single mother, her addictions, traumatic pregnancy, anxiety, and mother’s loss in 2002, Mia has experienced several mental issues.

Recently, Mia Tyler decided to share an IG post about the qualities of abusers. In the post, she stated that abusers manipulate everyone around them and act like a victim. Mia then said the real victim becomes the ‘crazy one’ in this way, and the abuser makes the victim look like a bad person. Finally, she told her followers that they need to talk about this topic to raise awareness.

Mia Tyler’s first Instagram post read:

“Abusers manipulate and con everyone around them. They come off as the ‘victim’ to the point that it’s hard for some to believe that they are hurting anyone, so in turn, you’re made out to be the ‘crazy one.’

Then you have these flying monkeys coming at you on behalf of the ‘poor me’ abuser because they’ve been fed bits and pieces of things made up about you. Making you look like the bad person for doing something wrong.

Luckily, there are people that see through them and know better. We have to keep having these conversations and putting them out there so this kind of behavior isn’t fed.”

Following that, the beautiful model shared a follow-up post about abusers. She mentioned that her current boyfriend Joe told her she is not a victim anymore. Mia then revealed that her last marriage with the father of her son was abusive, and she stopped being a victim when she moved away with her son.

Furthermore, Mia Tyler stated that she is no longer wasting energy on what makes her feel bad. Saying that her current relationship and her son fill her with love and gratitude, Mia added that she does not have time for anyone’s negativity. As it seems, Mia has successfully managed to face her traumas and work on them.

Mia Tyler’s next Instagram post read:

“As a follow-up to my last post… My wonderful boyfriend just said something to me that really stopped me in my tracks. He said, ‘You are not a victim anymore.’ And he’s right. I stopped being a victim of my abuser when I took myself and my Son away from the abuse. I am no longer available for people and things that make me feel bad. Period. End of story.

If we can’t help each other grow, we gotta let each other go. Having my Son and my Joe in my life has filled my heart with immense love. And when you are full of love, it confuses people who are full of shit. Never f*ck with moms. We are already over everyone’s shit and don’t have time for yours.

You can check out the photos that Mia Tyler included in her posts below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram