Jacoby Shaddix Gives Details On New Papa Roach Record, ‘We’re Gonna Blow Some People’s Minds’

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix spoke in a recent interview with New & Approved and talked about their upcoming album.

In the conversation, Jacoby mentioned that they take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to make music and work on new materials. Also, he talked about the mood of the album.

As Jacoby pointed out that he had lots of difficulties during the lockdown, he also said that all of the band members inspired by these tough times and made lots of different music.

Jacoby said that there are elements that are super heavy and loud, and there is funky, wacky, and weird music at the same time. Moreover, he stated that this album will represent who they are.

Here is what Jacoby Shaddix said:

“I’ve gotta say this music is very inspired. Taking the opportunity while we were in lockdown and jumping into the studio and making music, it gave me some… I was feeling trapped, and to be creative and focus all this dark, negative energy and bring it to the music…

The band, everybody, was so inspired when we were creating, and so there’s elements that are super heavy and in your face and just loud, brutal moments. And then there’s funky, just out-of-the-box, wacky, weird music. It’s kind of all over the place, to be honest.

It’s a little musical A.D.D., but I think that that’s who we are, essentially. I can’t just fit myself in one box creatively and just do the same thing over and over.”

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