Zakk Wylde Talks About Guns N’ Roses’ Contribution To Black Label Society’s Debut Album

While speaking to, the founder and frontman of Black Label Society Zakk Wylde, recalled the time he jammed with Guns N’ Roses during the ’90s and the song they created together, which was later featured in BLS’ debut album.

Wylde is known for his career as Black Label Society’s frontman and his longtime collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne. As a prominent figure in the rock and metal scenes, the musician has had the chance to meet and interact with several icons, including the Guns N’ Roses members.

Around 1995, Zakk Wylde got together with Slash, Axl Rose, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, and Dizzy Reed for a jamming session, which some claimed was an audition. The musicians got together on several occasions, and as expected, their jamming sessions led to the creation of some songs.

When asked back then, Wylde had revealed that they came up with ‘three pretty cool ideas,’ but they weren’t discussed in detail. However, in his recent conversation, Zakk admitted that ‘Rose Petalled Garden,’ featured in BLS’s debut record, ‘Sonic Brew’ released in 1998, was a product of those get-togethers.

Apparently, they came up with the tune and riffs while playing together and were happy with the result. However, since Guns N’ Roses didn’t work on it further, Wylde decided to ‘put lyrics to it.’ Their fans appreciated the song, and many have commented under the YouTube video saying that they could hear Guns N’ Roses’ contribution.

The interviewer asked:

“We’ve talked about Black Label and Ozzy and your roots and process. Something else I’ve always wondered about: Around 1995 you were jamming and writing with the guys in Guns N’ Roses then, Axl, Slash, Dizzy, Duff, and Matt. Back then you were quoted as saying something along the lines of you all, you and the GN’R guys had come up with three pretty cool ideas. I know that was a long time ago, but can you remember the vibe of that material? And what did it sound like with you playing with Guns N’ Roses?”

To which Zakk Wylde responded:

“One of them was ‘Rose Petalled Gardenthat ended up on the first Black Label album. And then I’m trying to think… It was more in that vein of that kind of stuff. Kind of chunky. But ‘Rose Petalled Garden’ was one of the ones that we had during that session that, you know, never made it, so I was just like, ‘I’ll put lyrics to it.'”

Here’s what a fan commented under the song on YouTube:

“This tune came out of rehearsals Zakk did with GN’R in ’95. It would have made for a cool Guns tune.”

You can have a listen to ‘Rose Petalled Garden’ below.