Steven Tyler’s Crucial Decision That Saved His Aerosmith Career

Children tend to imitate anything around them as long as it’s interesting. It’s all part of the growing-up process, after all, and these imitations often help them shape their future personalities and even decide who they want to be. So, when a young Billy Idol heard the Beatles on the radio, he was so impressed that he wanted to be like them.

However, the young Idol wished to be a drummer. So, when he first saw the Beatles performing on TV, it was a bit disappointing for him to see that Ringo Starr was playing in the back, a bit overshadowed by his bandmates. However, Paul McCartney and John Lennon shared the stage and most of the spotlight as they sang and played their guitars.

That was how Billy Idol decided to sing rather than sit in the back and play drums. Like Paul and John, the rocker wanted to be at the front of the stage and have most of the spotlight. Apparently, he wasn’t alone in his request, as thousands of miles away from Idol’s hometown in Britain, another young boy in Boston also wished for similar things.

A young Steven Tyler was into everything about music from a young age, so it was to no one’s surprise when he started playing drums as a schoolboy. Tyler was pretty good at it, too, and soon enough, he joined a band and took the seat behind the drum kit. He and his friends called themselves the Strangeurs so they wouldn’t be mixed up with another band, the Strangers.

The band mostly played Top 40 hits rather than producing original tracks, and soon enough, they were a party band performing all around Boston. Tyler made a few bucks from his role in the band, but it became apparent that this wasn’t what he exactly wanted.

So, in 1970, he decided to quit his role as a drummer and start a new band. To his luck, Steven witnessed Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton perform at a local show. He was so impressed by their performance that he eventually managed to convince them to work together. However, Tyler also had a request.

He didn’t want to be the drummer of this newly formed band. The rocker wished to be the frontman and the lead singer of what would be Aerosmith, and to his joy, Perry and Hamilton didn’t protest. The rest was history when Joey Kramer joined the band as a drummer, and Ray Tabano took the duty as the rhythm guitarist.

It was apparent from Tyler’s wish that he knew staying behind the drum kit wasn’t what he wanted. The rocker wished to be at the front of the stage, beneath the spotlight, and get most of the fan reaction to himself. It was a similar wish to Billy Idol’s as the British rocker shared the same thoughts as a young boy when he decided he wanted to be like John Lennon rather than Ringo Starr.

Tyler and Aerosmith’s future major commercial success proved that the band had made the right choice by letting the singer take on the duty as the act’s frontman. It was evident that Tyler had been made for the job and relished being under the spotlight. So, the rocker’s decision to be the singer of his new band rather than being the drummer ultimately saved his and the band’s career.