The Libertines’ Pete Doherty Regrets Running Away From The Scene Of Mark Blanco’s Death

In a new interview with The Guardian, The Libertines’ Pete Doherty opened up about the passing of his late bandmate, Mark Blanco. When asked whether or not he regrets running away from the scene of his late bandmate’s death, he explained being regretful of the situation and said:

“Of course I wish I hadn’t run away. Of course I wish I hadn’t. I should have stood there and waited for the police and just thrown [the drugs] down the drain. Of course. I mean, yeah. Basic stuff, isn’t it? Legging it down the street barefoot…”

How Blanco Died

Blanco passed away on December 3, 2006 at the age of 30. That day, Blanco went to the apartment of Paul Roundhill in Whitechapel, East London, reportedly in search of musician Pete Doherty. Blanco fell from the balcony of the flat and later died of head injuries sustained during the fall.

The Channel 4 documentary enlisted the expertise of FBI instructor Grant Fredericks to analyze the CCTV footage capturing Blanco’s fall. Following an examination of the footage and employing contemporary techniques to reconstruct Blanco’s actions on the balcony, Fredericks raised concerns about potential foul play.

Why Doherty Left The Scene

Pete Doherty explained that he fled the scene because he had drugs in his possession and was worried about getting arrested. CCTV images depict Doherty, along with his then-girlfriend Kate Russell-Pavier and bodyguard Johnny Headlock, leaving the scene after Blanco’s fall.

Doherty consistently denied any responsibility for the incident, clarifying that he had no involvement. In a conversation with a music journalist, he expressed a belief that Blanco might have intentionally jumped from the balcony as a form of ‘artistic statement,’ despite some stating that it was murder.

Blanco’s Mom Thinks His Bandmate Killed Her Son

Although Doherty is still not sure how the incident really happened, during an interview in October last year, the frontman stated that Blanco’s mother thinks he killed her son. He explained further while stating he would not watch the documentary made about Blanco:

“I’m gonna have to meet his mum at some point, I think. I don’t know why that hasn’t happened. Maybe I should contact her and help her in any way. Now that, actually, she believes that I killed her son, or that I know who did. It might be better if I sit down with her. Or, because I haven’t met or spoke to her I don’t know [what she believes], maybe that’s just the tabloids? But I’m not gonna watch that documentary, that’s for sure.”