Steven Tyler’s Confession About ‘Dream On’ Of Aerosmith


Aerosmith occupies a unique place in rock and roll history with their rich and complicated musical journey filled with rises and falls. Despite all the tribulations they have gone through, the group has never stopped. The band became one of the biggest arena rock acts of the 1970s with their famous hard rock sound blended with blues, pop-rock, and heavy metal, with catchy riffs and explicit lyrics.

The band’s triumphant comeback through the end of the ’80s turned them into even bigger stars. Over the years, ‘The Bad Boys from Boston’ have released many recognizable songs and music videos, consolidating their privileged position in American rock music. One of the songs that always finds its place in the top ten Aerosmith songs lists is definitely, ‘Dream On.’

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ Arrived In Their Debut Album


Aerosmith released their self-titled debut studio album in January 1973 after signing a record deal with Columbia in mid-1972. Although the album sold poorly due to the record company’s low promotional efforts, ‘Dream On’ saved the band from being dropped by their label. Initially released in the album, the track didn’t have the expected impact.

Later the group re-released it in 1976 with a more radio-friendly version than the album edit and achieved their first significant hit. The song started to get frequent play on the radio. In their home, Boston, it remained number one for more than a year. Even today, the track is extremely popular and regarded among the greatest classic rock songs. However, as Steven Tyler revealed before, the story behind the hit song is pretty surprising.

What Did Steven Tyler Say About ‘Dream On?’


It took years for Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler to complete the song, ‘Dream On.’ Yet, the difficulties with the track did not end there. In an interview with Azcentral in 2016, the singer confessed that he was a bit afraid when he first finished the song because he thought it would never get such acceptance. He was concerned by the enormous heights he reached in the piece.

He also didn’t know how to get the song accepted by the other band members due to its unusual style. They were into more energetic and louder songs that allowed them to rock out, while ‘Dream On’ was a powerful ballad. The band didn’t like it as he expected, and the singer knew they didn’t enjoy playing this song every night. Tyler stated that although the track sounded weird after finishing it since he didn’t know whether it was good or bad, he still knew there was something special about it, which proved him right by becoming an all-time classic.

Steven Tyler’s words about ‘Dream On’ follow:

“I can only tell you that that happened a bunch of times in Aerosmith, and that’s the secret. When you hear something and go, ‘Where did that come from,’ that’s the secret. It happened with ‘Dream On.’ When you listen to ‘Dream On,’ you go, ‘Oh my God. That’s so weird. I’m a little afraid. We’re going to get thrown out of town.’ That’s what I thought.

I thought if I sang that, nobody would sing like that. I was in fear. I didn’t know. And of course, the band didn’t like it because we were into rocking out, and that was a ballad I wrote. They’ll say they liked it, but it was a big drag to play every night. Some people in the band didn’t like playing it. But look on the radio now. And I think we’ve got some on the record like that. I think ‘Only Heaven’ is a song that’s going to get played for a long time.

Trust me. I listened to Gary Lewis and the Playboys. And ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy, I Got Love in My Tummy.’ I came from that era of hearing weird stuff that was dumb when you first heard it but then you couldn’t stop singing it. It was very cool. So after writing ‘Dream on,’ I went, ‘Oh sh*t.’ That’s happened a couple of times in my career, where it’s like, ‘Wow, what is this?’ And I’ve just come to realize that when that happens, that’s when the magic has arrived. So open your door wide, baby.”

You can listen to Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ below.