Peter DiStefano Recalls How Perry Farrell Almost Drowned: ‘He Was Going To Die’

Peter DiStefano recently joined an interview with Songfacts, where he narrated a life-threatening incident where Perry Farrell almost drowned during a surf trip in Tahiti, an event that inspired their song ‘Tahitian Moon.’

When asked about the story behind ‘Tahitian Moon,’ the guitarist replied:

“We went to Tahiti on a surf trip. Our manager Roger went out surfing. It was getting dark, and he didn’t come back. Perry said, ‘Where’s Roger?’ We didn’t know. So he says, ‘I’m going to take a canoe and go out to the spot to see if he’s out there. It was a far paddle out. He took a canoe that was off the beach, and he went in it. He was paddling, and it was dusk.”

The Search For Perry

He continued, revealing the rest of the incident:

“The canoe just exploded. It went poing, ping, pung, and all the windings and everything fell apart, and it just sank. So he was in the middle of the ocean, and then he got lost at sea. We had search teams looking for him, and we couldn’t find him. We thought we lost Perry. It’s really interesting what he went through out there.”

Farrell’s Struggle At Sea

Sharing Farrell’s experience of screaming for help, DiStefano added:

“I’ve heard him say that he was out there screaming, and then he screamed out really loud, ‘Jesus!’ He was throwing everything out there while he was swimming, and then he just washed up on shore. Perry’s Jewish, so it was really interesting. He had some faith. He was swimming on his back and looking up at the stars, but he thought he was going to die. He got lucky.”

Discussing the song ‘Tahitian Moon,’ DiStefano also reflected on its musical dynamics, expressing his fondness for classical music and jazz influences in his work. Further in the interview, he revealed that the music video for the track was shot in Tahiti, bringing in John Linson, the producer behind popular TV shows like ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ and ‘Yellowstone,’ to helm the project. ‘Tahitian Moon,’ released in May 1996, was the first single from their second studio album, ‘Good God’s Urge.’

You can listen to the song below.