Michael Anthony Says He Missed Eddie Van Halen While Reminiscing Their Good Times Together

Former Van Halen bassist and the current member of The Circle, Michael Anthony shared an old picture of Van Halen members on Instagram and paid tribute to the late guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen, by mentioning how much he missed him.

As you may know, the talented bass player Michael Anthony was a member of Van Halen until his last live performance with the band in 2004. Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen replaced Michael and became the youngest member of the band. Wolf joined the recordings of their 12th and last studio album, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth,’ which was released in 2012.

The rock and metal music world has been still mourning the loss of Eddie Van Halen. The iconic co-founder and renowned guitarist of Van Halen sadly passed away on October 6, 2020, following his long and vicious battle with cancer. Since then, the members of the Van Halen family have been sharing their favorite memories with the legendary guitarist to mourn his death.

Recently on Instagram, Michael Anthony posted a picture of the Van Halen members, Sammy Hagar, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, and himself. In the caption of his post, Michael referred to the band as the ‘four-headed monster’ and expressed his feelings about Eddie’s death. Anthony stated that he has been missing Eddie and those good old days they had together.

Here is what Michael Anthony wrote in the caption of his post:

The 4 headed monster!! Missing U Ed!! #goodtimes #wefuckinROCKED #havingacocktail #missthosedays”

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