Steve Vai Recalls The Film That Convinced David Coverdale To Hire Him

The three Grammy award-winning musician Steve Vai recently remembered how David Coverdale hired him in Whitesnake in 1989. Coverdale also recently tweeted about the film that made him want to recruit Vai to the band.

David Coverdale formed Whitesnake in 1978 after he quit Deep Purple. Initially founded as a backing band for Coverdale, Whitesnake released their 1987 album ‘Whitesnake‘ and established their success in the industry. However, the band went through several lineup changes, and one of those changes occurred in 1980, whilst the band was recording ‘Slip of the Tongue.’

The lineup included Adrian Vandenberg as a guitarist, but only until he experienced several unfortunate health problems. He suffered nerve damage caused by a car accident in 1980, but he was only able to discover that in 2003. Nevertheless, the injury limited his guitar playing, and he eventually quit the band after delaying the album’s creation process.

David Coverdale had a mission to find a guitar player to continue making the album with. After seeing Steve Vai on the 1986 film ‘Crossroads,’ Coverdale knew that he wanted Vai in the band. Hence, he recruited Vai for the album and later to the band full time. His initial inspiration to invite Vai came from ‘Crossroads,’ and he recently recalled that scene that made him want to hire him. A few days ago, Vai talked about it in his recent interview.

Here is what Coverdale had tweeted:

“Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio Epic Guitar Battle

When I saw this… I knew I had to work with Steven

Here is what Vai said in his interview:

“It’s so interesting because just yesterday, David and I still email, we text like two or three times a day because we send funny things to each other. He sent me this right here, and it says. ‘Vai versus Ralph Macho, epic guitar battle.’ When I saw this, I knew I had to work with Steven.‘ Was something he posted.”

You can see Coverdale’s tweet, Vai’s interview, and his scene in ‘Crossroads’ below.