Steve Stevens On Chester Bennington’s Humble Personality, ‘There’s No Ego’

Guitarist Steve Stevens talked about Chester Bennington in an interview on I Ask No One with Kevin Re LoVullo and stated Bennington had no ego.

Apart from working with his band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington played in Kings Of Chaos back in 2016. The band was known as a supergroup, including members of iconic rock bands, and Bennington performed during their six-show 2016 concert tour. During that period, Steve Stevens was also working with Kings Of Chaos as he was a band member between 2012 and 2016. Therefore, the pair had an opportunity to share the same stage.

Kings Of Chaos was not meant to have a permanent lineup. Thus, Chester’s tenure with the band was limited to that period. Even though he performed with them for a short time, Bennington’s performances during the Kings Of Chaos tour were remarkable. However, one year after the tour, the rock icon was found dead at his home on July 20, 2017. His death turned out to be suicide by hanging, and he left his bandmates and fans devastated.

Recalling his memories of Bennington, Steve Stevens talked about when he and his wife first met him. He said that Bennington reminded them of his wife Josie’s brother, which is why they immediately loved the musician. He then remembered the time when they were playing together at a club in LA. Stevens said Bennington greeted everyone outside before they got in to introduce them to his dog. The guitarist then stated he thought Bennington was sweet and sincere, and he had no ego.

Steve Stevens told I Ask No One with Kevin Re LoVullo that:

“My wife and I have been together for 19 years, and I adore her family, her brother, and her older brother. When we met Chester, I said ‘Who does he remind you of?’ She goes ‘My brother Nick.’ They were the same age I guess. You ever meet somebody who has the same temperament although they don’t look the same, and you go ‘You really remind me of my friend’? We immediately loved Chester because he reminded us of my wife Josie’s brother.

My best memory of Chester is… He had just got this little dog. I forgot his name. So, we were playing at a club in downtown LA, it was one of these all-star shows. Chester was outside to greet everyone before they go in so he can introduce them to his dog. I just thought it’s super sweet and kind of funny. You know, Chester is a big rock star, I mean, I was just like, ‘That’s so cool. That’s what he cares about.’ He was not like ‘Where’s my dressing room? Where’s my this and that?’ You know, there is no ego.

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