Lindsey Buckingham’s Condition About Stevie Nicks To Join Fleetwood Mac

Former Fleetwood Mac lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham spoke to AXS TV and revealed what he wanted from Mick Fleetwood when the drummer asked him to join the band. The famous guitarist stated that the condition was about his ex-girlfriend and singer Stevie Nicks.

Buckingham and Nicks met while studying at the same high school, and after a while, they realized that they were interested in music. Therefore, the duo played together in The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band after the guitarist invited Nicks to join them. Two musicians became partners and lovers in time, and the psychedelic and folk-rock band wasn’t the only one that Buckingham wanted her to join.

After they released ‘Buckingham Nicks’ on September 5, 1973, Buckingham’s guitar skills drew Fleetwood’s attention, who needed to hire a guitarist following Bob Welch’s departure. The drummer asked him to be a part of Fleetwood Mac, but Buckingham had a condition about his then-girlfriend Nicks. In his recent interview, the guitarist reminded everyone that he agreed to be the band’s new guitar player if they recruited Nicks as well.

As a result, after consulting with the band’s singer Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac members decided to hire Nicks and Buckingham in 1975, which contributed a lot to the band’s mainstream success and popularity worldwide. Buckingham shared his opinions about the situation, saying they were so lucky to have that chance shortly after their debut on the rock stage with a new album as a rock duo.

In his interview, Buckingham said:

“Mick Fleetwood waltzing into Sound City, which was the studio that Stevie and I had done ‘Buckingham Nicks.’ I walked into the main studio when Mick was there, not knowing who he was or anyone from Fleetwood Mac. I see this giant guy rocking away to one of the songs on the ‘Buckingham Nicks’ album; this’s my guitar solo. So we met. A couple of weeks later, Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist Bob Welch decided he was going to leave the group.

So, Mick as a very intuitive guy himself, had been so impressed by my playing. As the story goes, he sought me out through Keith and called me up. He said, ‘Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?’ very much out of the blue. Of course, my only response was, ‘Well, if you take me, you’ll have to take my girlfriend too.’ They did, and they consulted with Christine McVie to see if she was okay with another girl. She was, and it came together. However, it was such a fortuitous thing that could have easily never happened, a very nice piece of luck.”

You can check out the interview below.