Corey Taylor Reveals How Korean War Destroyed His Family

In a recent interview with wingding Media, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor opened up about his grandfather’s struggles with PTSD after the Korean War. He explained:

“My grandfather was a Korean war vet. He came back from the war very affected to the point where he was overtaken by alcoholism. It destroyed my grandfather and my grandmother’s marriage to the point where once I was born he was a person that wasn’t even in the family purview as it were. Honestly, I didn’t even know him really until I got older and realized that he was my grandfather. He was just a a person that my mom would take me to to visit and I had no real relationship with him.”

The singer not only revealed that he didn’t know who his grandfather was until he was older but he too also experienced similar personal struggles. Corey expressed:

“As I got older, I realized the things that had affected him and why these things happened it became something that I thought about a lot, especially when it pertained to my own issues with addiction, my own issues with PTSD and the things that I was going through in my life as a young person.”

After dealing with his personal struggles and the things that his grandfather went through he opened the Taylor Foundation. Corey shared what the organization’s purpose was by adding:

“As my career progressed and I saw and talked to veterans law enforcement, the emergency service people and realized how much my music helped them I was like, ‘Well, then I could take this even a step further.’ So the organization, the Taylor Foundation was formed solely to help veterans, law enforcement emergency services and their families who deal with PTSD and help the organizations that are actually trying to do it in their communities. So far so good.”

The rocker is currently on a 28-city tour in support of his latest solo effort, ‘CMF2’, which kicked off at the end of August. Taylor will make stops across the US in Detroit, Orlando, Dallas and more before his final headline show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on October 5th. You can get more information about tickets here.

You can watch Corey Taylor’s interview with wingding Media below.