Steve Lukather Shares What He Thinks About People Crediting Only Eddie Van Halen For The ‘Beat It’ Solo

Toto guitarist Steve Lukather revealed his thoughts about his and Eddie Van Halen’s contributions to Michael Jackson’s iconic song Beat It during a recent appearance with Kylie Olsson.

Beat It is one of the best songs of Michael Jackson that released in 1982 with his sixth studio album, Thriller. Eddie Van Halen wrote the solo of this song, and Steve Lukather played the lead guitar as well as the bass guitar.

In the conversation, Steve stated that he didn’t know about Eddie’s solo before writing the riffs and mentioned that they had to remake the song around Michael’s voice and Eddie’s solo.

Furthermore, Steve pointed out that he is pretty happy about being a part of the history with his contributions to this song even though everybody calls Eddie’s guitar solo and admitted that Eddie wrote a brilliant solo for the song.

Interviewer asked:

“So what did you think when you had the finished piece then, with Ed’s solo?”

Steve Lukather replied:

“That was great. I couldn’t but laugh, and I called him up, and said, ‘Oh, I guess you’re a studio guy now, huh?’ And every time, he replied: ‘No man, my brother’s really mad at me that I did this!’

And it turned out to be what it is. So I’m part of that history, it’s kind of nice to be part of that history, but nobody ever mentions my name, I’m still there.”

Interviewer responded:

“That’s not true, people do mention your name for sure.”

Steve Lukather said:

“You know I mean. It’s everybody saying, ‘Hey, it’s Eddie Van Halen, he did the solo!’ Yes, he did, it’s brilliant. They fucked up the safety code so they couldn’t re-sync the stuff up, so I had to remake the record Frankenstein style.”

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