Eric Sardinas Reveals How David Lee Roth Left Him In The Lurch

With the announcement of his upcoming album, Eric Sardinas recently appeared on ‘Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz,’ where he chatted about performing live, ZZ Top, touring with David Lee Roth, and more. The rocker shared his memories of touring with Roth and how he left the guitarist in the lurch.

Sardinas joined Roth for his 2003 dated tour in September, and the duo played two shows together.

The virtuoso was informed that Roth had contacted many blues virtuosos to join him on his tour, to which all declined. Sardinas then mentioned having a story and started telling about his time with Roth:

“I got Roth stories, I think everyone does. I don’t think we got the time. No, there’s a little bit of that, let’s put it that way. We were in lieu of doing some stuff. I was on tour, it was in the States, and there was a leg of the tour that I changed, that I allowed to change around to pick up and do some shows opening with David. So we started with the Beacon Theater in New York, it was a great theater.”

He was asked if he was talking about Roth’s ‘Your Filthy Little Mouth Tour,’ to which he affirmed (though the interviewer later shared that the wrong tour was mentioned) and shared what he told the rocker about the show:

“Pretty much, yeah, it was pretty filthy. The whole point is that he got injured on the next show by himself, he injured himself on stage, and I said, ‘Guys, let me know,’ because the next show is an insane amount of mileage, and to be in Florida from where we are is a long long travel, ‘If you’re not gonna make it,’ and I know he wasn’t gonna make it, ‘Just tell me now.'”

Apparently, the duo’s show didn’t go according to the plan. He continued to explain:

“He goes, ‘No, no, no, no, no, there is gonna be the show.’ [I go,] ‘Really? Okay.’ Well, buses all went down there, but there was no David. So we went all the way down, and that left a huge hole in my schedule.”

The blues-rock virtuoso will release his album, ‘Midnight Junction,’ on October 13 via earMUSIC. The first single ‘Long Shot’ from the album is out, and you can listen to it here.

See the interview below.