Stephen Shareaux Says He Didn’t Want To Replace Vince Neil In Mötley Crüe


In a recent appearance on the Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show, Kik Tracee’s Stephen Shareaux revealed that auditioning for Mötley Crüe was enough for him to understand he didn’t want to be a part of the band.

Like many other rock bands, Mötley Crüe also couldn’t preserve its original lineup for long as the band’s lead singer Vince Neil was fired from Crüe in 1992 due to his personal and creative disagreements with the rest of the band. Following his departure, Mötley Crüe started to look for other lead vocalists who would replace Neil. Kik Tracee vocalist Stephen Shareaux was one of the names the band auditioned.

Shareaux revealed that everything started when his friend and Crüe’s bassist Nikki Sixx called and informed him about Vince Neil’s departure. Sixx asked whether he would want to come up and join a jamming session with them to see how it would go. So, he decided to give it a try and see whether he was suitable for the position. Stephen Shareaux stated that when he went to the audition, there were three other names besides him; BulletBoys’ Marq Torien, the Scream’s John Corabi, and Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach.

The rocker described his Mötley Crüe audition as an incredible and intense experience. However, when he got out of there and got in his car, he quickly realized that it wasn’t for him, even though he had enjoyed the session. He immediately knew that he didn’t want to replace Vince Neil and be the new lead singer of Crüe. Performing with the band members in the audition was apparently enough for Shareaux.

When asked about his Mötley Crüe audition, Stephen Shareaux replied:

“It was a fantastic experience. I remember literally walking out… They only saw four people; myself, Torien, Corabi and I think Sebastian. I remember walking out of there, and I was like, just… My hair was tingling. It was out by the airport, and I remember it was summer and about nine o’clock.

The sun was setting, and it was just this crazy surreal scene, and I remember getting in my car and thinking, ‘That was f*cking amazing, but that’s not for me.’ I knew that I didn’t want to fill those shoes. That was not something I wanted to do. As amazing as it was and etc. I felt like that was enough for me.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.