Stephen Sanchez Opens Up About The Darkest Period Of His Life

Stephen Sanchez did what he does best and reflected his feelings in his song ‘Evangeline,’ which was dedicated to his girlfriend Georgia, who he is no longer with. He recently opened up about a dark time he went through, and breaking up with his girlfriend was a sad part of it.

Unfortunately, a breakup was not the only thing the singer went through. He revealed that he recently had to have throat surgery because of a cyst that formed on his vocal cords, making him unable to use his voice. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and now he feels good about using his voice and is enjoying his success.

He stated that the dark place he was in was because of this surgery and also because, meanwhile, he had to promote the song he wrote for a woman he wasn’t with anymore. This led him to go through an identity crisis, and that was scary for him.

He said:

“I couldn’t sing, I lost my girl. I had to advertise the song about her. I was in a really dark place, truthfully, like it was horrible, honestly. I was really depressed. It was really scary. I thought I was – I thought that was it. I had a huge identity crisis, and it was insane.

I had a polyp on my vocal cord, which is just like a cystic polyp, a massive lump on my vocal cord. So when your vocal cords close all the way, and this lump was not letting it. It was just rough, man. Then I had the surgery, and it honestly changed my life in an amazing way. Right away, we were ready to go.

Obviously, been doing this headline tour, and I haven’t been winded at all, and it’s been wonderful. It was a really scary time. Now we’ve gotten to make a new record, and the songs popped off, and gotten to do so much. Sang in front of Elton John, and my voice didn’t suck.”

Stephen Sanchez is a newcomer in the music world, and he gained recognition by displaying his vocal talents on TikTok. The singer is now starting to release his original songs and is beginning to be noticed by bigger stars in the industry.