Paul Stanley Shares What He Thinks About Dave Grohl And Foo Fighters

KISS frontman Paul Stanley opened up about his bandmate bassist Gene Simmons‘ statement that rock music was ‘murdered’ in an interview a few years back and stated that rock music cannot die due to the fact that there is always going to be a need for people making music with instruments while giving the example of Foo Fighters.

As many of you might remember, Gene Simmons once brought up the subject of ‘rock is dead’ during an interview with Esquire magazine a few years back and while many people agree since there aren’t many rock bands and musicians anymore, others think popularity is not a scale for a music genre.

During an interview with Canada Now With Jeff Sammut, Paul Stanley was asked what he thinks about his bandmate’s statement and Stanley revealed that despite the fact that rock music is quite weak at this point, that does not mean it’s dead, it may even come back stronger than ever eventually.

In addition to this, Stanley also stated that computer-based music cannot replace actual people who make music through their instruments, therefore, the notion of a band is going to come back no matter what happens.

Here is what Stanley said:

“I think that life, rock, whatever it is, is never a constant. Let’s say, for example, if you take somebody’s pulse and it’s weak, it doesn’t mean they’re dead. It means that the pulse is weak. And it doesn’t mean it won’t come back stronger.

I don’t think that music can ever be dead. I don’t think that bands can be dead, rock can be dead. It just takes somebody to reignite it to the level that it has been at some time in the past.

A computer will never take the place of flesh-and-blood people making music. People may be enamored with it, and it may eclipse the other, but ultimately, it all comes full circle — it all comes back. It doesn’t go away. It may be sleeping. But there are bands out there making great music.”

Along with this, Paul Stanley also gave an example of a current rock band that is doing a fantastic job at representing the music, that is Foo Fighters, and praised the founder Dave Grohl for being passionate about in addition to many bands out there and somebody will continue the legacy, picking up the flag and go forward with it.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“Nobody’s complaining about Foo Fighters. Dave is passionate about what he’s doing and they’re terrific. So there are bands out there. As far as new bands, somebody will come along. Somebody will pick up the flag and go forward”

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