Stephen Pearcy Shares His Regrets About Ratt

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt sat together with GoldMine recently and talked about ‘The Atlanta Years,’ a box set that Pearcy helped put together. He also gave insight into the previous times of the group.

One of the questions was whether the rocker had any regrets regarding Ratt’s Atlantic era. He answered:

“Yeah… I’ve got a few regrets. But they’re internal and more in relation to the inner workings of the band. As for the music, there are no regrets.”

Then, he pointed out the band did a good job despite the hardships of sustainability within the music industry:

“And honestly, the truth is that this is a dangerous occupation where you’re lucky if you stick around for more than one record. Like I said before, in the beginning, we were just happy to be there. But here we are all these years, and having sold millions of records… it could be worse.”

Regarding his thoughts about having a reunion with other members of the band, Stephen replied:

“Sure, it would be great if we were all still together and hanging out after 40 years, but that’s not the case. But it’s not like that wasn’t the plan; it’s just that other routes came up, and as they said, sh*t happens.”

The rocker also expressed his feelings about why ‘The Atlanta Years’ is so dear to him:

“This is a dirty business, but we survived, and that’s a huge reason why doing this box set is important to me. Us all coming together to make it happen is special. Even if we can’t all get in a room to play music together, at least we were able to accomplish this.”

In a previous interview, when the frontman’s efforts regarding the band were pointed out, he said:

“(…)I can only do so much, as I did. I created this band, Ratt, from Mickey Ratt, and there are a lot of other people involved before the OG guys that really had to bust their a–.(…).”

You can read the whole article here.