Kirk Hammett Recalls How Lou Reed Left Him In Tears

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett recently spoke to NME and revealed what made him afraid about the album ‘Lulu,’ their collaborative effort with Lou Reed.

After entering the studio with Lou Reed, Metallica announced they concluded the recording sessions on June 15, 2011. The album they were working on was ‘Lulu,’ which was recorded over several months and featured ten songs based on the plays with the same title by German playwright ‘Frank Wedekind.’

On October 31, 2011, Metallica and Lou Reed released their collaboration album ‘Lulu.’ Released as a double album, ‘Lulu’ is the final full-length project of Reed before his death in October 2013. Prior to working on this album, Metallica and Reed also performed at Rock Hall’s 25th Anniversary Concert, leading them to collaborate.

As ‘Lulu’ was based on Frank Wedekind’s plays, the album focuses on spoken word delivered by Reed over music composed by Metallica and Hetfield’s backing vocals. Following its release, the album received mixed reviews and extremely negative criticism from fans and critics.

In a featured article on NME, Kirk Hammett revealed his thoughts on ‘Lulu.’ He stated that he loves the album and recalled he burst into tears after seeing the letter Bowie sent to Lou to appraise the record. According to Hammett, Bowie and Reed are huge inspirations, and he is afraid to listen back to ‘Lulu’ because it brings him back to the time they worked with Reed.

Speaking to NME, Kirk Hammett said the following:

“David Bowie’s defining ‘Lulu’ as Lou Reed’s greatest work was one of the highest compliments I ever got as a musician and artist. Working with Lou Reed was an incredible honor, and I loved the ‘Lulu’ album. I remember Lou sharing with me that letter David Bowie sent to Lou: it was written on paper, and it was such a glowing, grueling appraisal of the ‘Lulu’ album. When Lou showed it to me, it brought me to tears!

Because I might be some heavy metal guy, Lou Reed and David Bowie made tons of great music that have been a huge inspiration to me over the course of my life. It’s hard for me to listen back to ‘Lulu’ because it brings me back to that time, thinking about working with Lou and soaking up his vibe. It became a very emotional album for myself, and I’m afraid to listen to it!”

Below, you can listen to Metallica and Lou Reed’s collaboration ‘Lulu.’